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Thanks to our clever AI, you can slash editing time - and have more fun! No matter if you want to vectorize a PNG or JPEG image or make a logo look sharper - you can do all this and more.

Easily Convert Raster to Vector in Seconds

Easily convert any JPG, PNG, GIF raster image to high quality scalable vector graphics (SVG). SVG is an XML-based vector image format widely used on the web and in print, so our vectorization tool is perfect for graphic designers, web developers, and anyone else who needs to create vector graphics from existing raster images.

The Best Online Tracing Tool. No Design Skills Required

Turn any image into a vector work of art with no skills or software required. Just upload your image, and let the online tool do its thing! You'll be able to make your own projects in no time

Image Vectorization FAQ

Vectorizing an image means converting it from a raster or pixel-based format to a vector format, which uses geometric shapes (such as points, lines, and polyggon shapes) to represent the image. This is useful for creating images that can be resized without losing quality. To vectorize your raster images, simply upload them in our tool to automatically trace them and create vector shapes that match the originals.
Vectorizing a logo involves converting it from a raster or pixel-based format to a vector format. This can be automatically done by using our online tracing tools. Our online vectorization tool will generate vector shapes based on the image you provided. Finally, save the final vectorized logo in a vector format such as .SVG.
Converting a PNG or JPG file to a vector SVG file has never been easier thanks to our online vectorization tool. To start, just upload your PNG or JPG file in our online vectorization tool. Then, wait a few seconds while our tool takes into account factors such as the number of colors, the threshold for color recognition, and the smoothing of corners and curves. Finally, save the final vectorized file as an SVG file. With this process, you can create a vector SVG file that can be resized without losing quality.